Saturday, July 24, 2021

How well do you know your Pixar movies


This quiz will test your knowledge of Pixar movies over the last 30 years.  Most people can't get over 50%.  You will have 10 minutes to answer all 15 questions.  What will be your score?

1. When was this Pixar Movie released?Which Pixar Movie Is This From
2. When was this Incredibles Pixar movie released?Incredibles 2
3. Which Actress was the voice of Elastigirl?Elastigirl
4. Name this Toy Story movie?Which Toy Story Movie Is This ?
5. What scene is this Toy Story movie?Which Toy Story Movie Is This From?
6. Which Toy Story is this?Which Toy Story S This?
7. What Toy Story movie is this scene from?Which Toy Story Movie Is This From?
8. Which Cars movie is this?

Which Cars Movie Is This?

9. Name this Cars MovieName This Cars Movie
10. Which Famous English actress was the voice of Queen ElinorQueen Elinor
11. Who Played Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc
12. Which of these actors is NOT a voice of a main pixar character?
13. Ed Asner has been acting since the 1950's and is the voice of Carl Fredricksen in Up. He has a renowned TV and Film career and has won the most Emmys of any male actor. How many Emmys has Ed won?Ed Asner    Up 2009 Film  

14. Bruce the shark in Finding Nemo was played by which famous Australian actor who dresses in drag?Bruce The Shark
15. Between 1995 and 2020, Pixar have made 22 movies. How many of these movies has actor John Ratzenberger had a role as a voice actor?John Ratzenberger


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